SAL Fold 140KG

Singapore Installation, ChairLift, StairLift and Platform Lift


Extremely light – only 20 kg dead weight (with quick-change battery)


• Extremely fast – up to 48 levels/min

• Two speed levels: slow / fast

• Intelligent lifting unit starts automatically at shutdown

• Shovel attachment foldable (optionally also fixed)

• With slip hub and electronic overload protection

• Handy as a sack truck

• Sovereign on all stairs , also on spiral staircases and narrow landings

• Puncture-proof Tires

• Second battery and car charger available for continuous use around the clock

• High -strength aluminum shovel

• Long battery life (up to 300 levels)


Whether compact floor grinders, tall oxygen bottles or bulky stacks of armchairs – with the Fold and Fold-L models you can keep the load in balance with ease. In this way, even difficult transports can be handled safely, in an upright position and without straining your back.

The LIFTKAR SAL Fold is ideal for transporting white goods over stairs. The patented folding mechanism enables the handle bar to be optimally adjusted to the load. Despite its low weight, the LIFTKAR SAL can also handle heavy loads. This is ensured by the innovative design, the patented technology and the high-quality materials and workmanship. The electronic overload protection, which prevents overcharging, is also a sign of maximum safety. The LIFTKAR SAL is available for goods to be transported weighing up to 140 kg.


General Technical Data (SAL 140)

Load capacity 140kg
Weight with quick-change battery unit 20kg
Weight without quick-change battery unit 16kg
Climbing speed App. 35 steps / Min
Maximum step height 210mm

Dimensions (Fold)

Height 1450mm / 1000mm
Width 480mm
Depth 280mm