Liftkar PTR 130

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Liftkar PTR Powered Tracked Stairclimber 130


• Powered tracked stairclimber for universal wheelchairs

• Helps you safety convey wheelchair users up and down stairs

• Speed control

• Extended range

• Overload protection

The Liftkar PTR is a mobile unit that has been developed for operating on straight steps. Wheelchair users can now move around more freely and helpers no longer need to strain their backs on the stairs.

The extremely lightweight Liftkar PTR tracked stairclimber is impressively easy to use, has 3 speeds, acoustic and visual inclination warning as well as a range of up to 1000 steps on a single battery charge. It’s so easy – simply release two levers to dismantle the Liftkar PTR into two easily portable parts. The Liftkar PTR ensures safe handing on the stairs. There are two versions of the Liftkar PTR available for two maximum loads.


• Extremely easy to operate

• Lightest tracked stairclimber on the market

• Range of up to 1000 steps on a single battery charge

• Easy to dismantle

• Electronic inclination sensor including speed monitor

• Acoustic and visual inclination warning

• LED direction of travel display

• Electronic overload protection

• Microprocessor controlled operating style

• Emergency stop switch


Max. loading capacity 130 kg
Total machine weight 38.2 kg
Handle weight 9.6 kg
Climbing unit weight 28.6 kg
3 speeds (per minute) 5.5 m / 6.5 m / 7.5 m
Max. stair incline 35°
Height 930 mm
Width 650 mm
Overload length base unit 980 mm
Overload length incl. handle unit 1380 mm
Landing space dimension (min.)  970 mm x 970 mm




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