HD Uni 330KG

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LIFTKAR HD Electric stair climber for heavy loads up to 330kg


Heavy loads are difficult loads. Especially when transporting upstairs. Back and joints are heavily stressed. Accidents can happen. And often two or even three people have to lend a hand. With the LIFTKAR HD, one person can transport heavy loads quickly and safely upstairs. From heavy boilers to white goods to thick linoleum rolls – with the LIFTKAR HD you can master transport problems reliably, confidently and quickly. The electric stair climber from SANO is ideal for use in transport and logistics companies, trade, commerce and industry.

The heart of the LIFTKAR HD is the perfectly balanced climbing unit with two climbing speeds and a single and multi-stage mode. The step edge braking system guarantees maximum safety.

The LIFTKAR HD is an investment that quickly pays for itself. If in the past two or even three people worked hard, now one can do it alone. Without much effort, reliably and significantly faster.


General Technical Data & Dimension

Article number

060 701
Load capacity 330kg
Weight with battery unit 38kg

 Weight without battery unit


Range in steps (depends on weight transported)

220 kg: approx. 220 steps / 330 kg: approx. 120 steps /360 kg: approx. 90 steps

Climbing speed I

220 kg: approx. 9 steps / min., 330 kg: approx. 6 steps / min., 360 kg: approx. 6 steps / min.

Climbing speed II

220 kg: approx. 15 steps / min., 330 kg: approx. 10 steps / min., 360 kg: approx. 10 steps / min.

Toe plate dimensions

530 x 183 mm